This, is a podcast. All about digital marketing. The name’s a bit of a giveaway. So, even if you’re not looking for a podcast that’s all about digital marketing, since you’re here already, why not listen anyway?

Enjoy our eclectic mix of team episodes, solo episodes, and guest interviews, where we talk… That’s right… All about digital marketing. From social media to content marketing, web design to email. Each episode will tackle, explain, and demystify the different elements of digital marketing in play today. 

With decades of combined experience, the team share real insights from their daily lives as digital marketers. Interviewing specialists and experts from different areas of digital marketing, and exploring how businesses employ social media and content marketing strategies to help them thrive.

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We’ve been around as a digital marketing consultancy since 2008, creating and optimising social media, content marketing and email campaigns, as well as websites, for hundreds of clients. 

Now we’d like to share our experiences in podcast form. Get us on-the-go. Listen for actionable tips and strategies. Find out about the latest digital marketing tools and software. Everything has been tried, tested, and evaluated by our team. And we know it works.

Social INK Digital Marketing Consultancy

Get to know the team behind AADM in Episode 1 of All About Digital Marketing

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