It was a pleasure to chat to Travis Ketchum all about email marketing and what small businesses can do to build, and then automate, an email list that actually grows their business. Travis started off with one problem he wanted to solve: how to build a big email list, quickly. His frustration with the clumsy nature of existing marketing automation and email marketing platforms led him down the rabbit hole to build his own solutions. Today, he’s the Founder & CEO of Campaign Refinery, a “next-generation email marketing platform”, and Contest Domination.

Contest Domination changed the way people think about viral lead-generating campaigns. Over 29 million contest entries down the line, I chatted to Travis all about email marketing, lead generation, entrepreneurship and how to delight your audience without going insane or being held back by tech. Say hello to small business automation.

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Show Notes

  • How frustration with “jack of all trades master of none” tools led to a business [02:49]
  • Why the focus in email optimisation isn’t to get 2% more clicks, it’s much bigger [05:23]
  • What segmenting is and why its so powerful [10:30]
  • What Travis thinks businesses just starting out should focus on [16:23]
  • Why most businesses fail to experiment [20:41]
  • Why you shouldn’t automate or use virtual assistants [VAs] right away [23:30]
  • Social media is rented space, email is owned [33:02]
  • You have more support around you than you think [39:50]

Stuff We Mentioned


Music by Hani Koi from Fugue