Today’s episode is all about brand messaging. Yep, that sounds very high level but hold on a moment. My guests today are Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster, Co-Founders of Root and River. They specialise in guiding brands to scale around their mission. 

For years, this dynamic duo, have been helping brands get out of the comfort zone by really examining and understanding who they really are. It’s easy to get lost in the buzzwords and jargon of marketing, but a truly powerful story has an emotional, even spiritual, experience behind it. 

Join us as we dive into intrinsic branding and how it can sometimes be painful, to tell the truth, especially to ourselves, as those who own or manage the business. We talk about the importance of language and truly understanding who you are as part of your brand. 

They don’t always agree as Co-Founders, but that’s a good thing. They compliment each other perfectly, as with all great teams. 

I hope you all stay safe.


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Today’s episode is all about brand messaging and intrinsic branding.

Join @emilyatlarge and @fosterthinking from @RootandRiver as they discuss how powerful a brand can actually be.

Does your brand truly reflect you?


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