Today’s episode is all about public relations – also known as PR. What we think of as PR might be antiquated. The thoughts of meeting journalists for drinks or dinners and building a relationship certainly no longer fit the times we’ve been living for the last 12 months or so. 

But in reality, it changed long before social distancing came into play. Victoria Kennedy, CEO of Victorious PR joins us on the podcast today. She understands what it’s like to try to get your name out there. As an opera singer, she was constantly trying to get her name out there. 

Today she helps a wide range of business owners get their story and message out into the world. The press is online more than ever, and that’s where people consume content. 

So whether you’ve always wanted to publish a thought leadership piece on Forbes, or you’re trying to announce your latest product launch, you’ll want to hear what Victoria has to say. 

I hope you all stay safe.


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Today’s episode is all about #digitalPR.

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