Today’s episode is all about looking at what the future of digital marketing might in fact look like in the next couple of years. Now, we definitely don’t have a crystal ball over at Social INK, and technology evolves at an increasingly fast rate, but some “future” things, might already be out there. 

We know for sure that cookies and tracking are changing. With new laws set to come into effect, and Apple making bold moves for user privacy (like annoying Facebook recently) the endlessly tacking people around the net is going to be a thing of the past. 

But what about AI and how that’s helping to create content, or more importantly – simple messaging bots that automatically respond to your messages and questions? 

Who knows, but I’m going to be looking to get some guests on over the next couple of months to talk about what we all think will likely happen. In the meantime, here are just some of my thoughts. And some things you should probably check out if you didn’t know they were a thing. 

Stay safe and enjoy the episode.

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Today’s episode is all about what comes next for #digitalmarketing

We have no idea. But we’re pretty sure that stuff like cookies and tracking, AI & Chatbots are changing.

How up to date is your marketing right now?

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