Today’s episode is all about partnerships. How can your business develop partnerships that are not only profitable for both parties, but also for your customers and audience? We’re joined by Adam King, the first of our guests to return to the podcast. 

Partnership is a term that’s often bound around without understanding the true potential it provides us all with.  From affiliate deals to co-authored content, introductions to referrals partnerships come in all shapes and sizes. The best partnerships you’ll build are the ones that symbiotically help everyone involved. 

It’s not just about partnerships today. I asked Adam to come back on the podcast for another reason too. He recently made some bold decisions for his business and most importantly his podcast. After more than one hundred episodes, he rebranded. Now that’s something a lot of people would be scared to do. I strongly recommend you check out The B2B Growth Think Tank

Why did he rebrand? That’s exactly why I brought him on. To tell his story, and to remind you that it’s ok to pivot your business. In fact, it’s healthy to do it when the time is right. 

His new podcast has a whole new framework and purpose, and it’s directly focusing on tackling the problems that B2B businesses are currently having.

I hope you all stay safe.


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Today’s episode is all partnerships. Building profitable connections and a network that helps everyone.

Join @adamTLAF, and host, @justchrisbruno as they talk about how Adam has gone back to basics and is building a #B2B partnership network.


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