Today’s episode is all about LoFi video. If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here to help with today. LoFi video is simply video content that can be created simply, cheaply and very easily. 

The Superbowl happened last week. That’s the perfect example of big-budget video creation for brands. The Superbowl ads are a BIG thing every year. Brands compete to come up with the best idea possible, and they then throw MILLIONS of dollars at agencies, stars and production studios to make it possible.  

Lo-Fi video is the complete opposite of that. It’s clever and insightful content that can be created by you, at home or at work, using simple tools like your phone or your laptop. For example, have you noticed how Sky News relies pretty much exclusively now on Zoom or Skype calls to run interviews? 

You can use LoFi video to do the exact same thing for your business. You can create simple, but effective content about who you are and what you’re business does, simply by recording yourself talking about it. 

Check out today’s episode and if you’re stuck coming up with ideas contact us on social media and we’ll share some of the videos we’ve helped create for businesses around the UK. 

Stay safe and enjoy the episode.

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Today’s episode is all about LoFi Video.

90% of small businesses can’t afford BIG budgets to produce video content. This is where LoFi video comes into play.

Are you creating video content for your business?

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