Today’s episode is all about trusting your gut. Well, your intuition at least. For many people, it comes in the form of that sensation that something’s not right. But did you know there is a developing science around what we call intuition? 

I’m joined by Sunil Godse from Intuitionlogy. He’s spent years, interviewing hundreds of business leaders, to better understand what intuition really is, and just how big a part it can play in running and marketing our businesses.  

Sunil is passionate about helping people understand their intuition better.  Most of us can remember at least one time we’ve gone against our gut and it hasn’t worked out well. But what if you could take some time to figure out those good intuitions that landed you that amazing new client, or that helped you open a new opportunity? 

How powerful could it be to start listening to maximise the opportunities that appear in front of you? 

How much of a difference could that make to your business?   

I hope you all stay safe.


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Today’s episode is all about trusting your gut. Well, more formally your #intuition.

Join @sunilgodse, and host, @justchrisbruno as they dive into the world of intuition, and what Sunil has learned from interviewing 100s of business leaders.


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