Today’s episode is all about engagement security. Making sure we are secure when being online is so important, especially when more people than ever are working from home.

I’m joined by Kathleen Booth, the VP of Marketing at, the market leader in digital engagement security solutions. They are used by businesses looking to optimize their revenue and buyer experience by taking back control over third-party code on their websites. Before joining, she spent 13 years in the digital marketing agency world, first as Owner and CEO of Quintain Marketing and then as VP of Marketing at IMPACT.

Kathleen is the host of the long-running Inbound Success Podcastand was named by TopRank as one of the 50 Top B2B Marketing Influencers of 2019.

We talk about the fact that as marketers we’re not taught about cybersecurity. We need to be aware of the issues and the risks that are associated with an online presence. A safer social experience can be provided through websites as there is more control over this platform.

Social Media can suffer from the same vulnerabilities but more so since we don’t have control over these platforms. An example is you don’t have control of a platform getting hacked, but you can implement 2 Factor Authentication. These are just the basics.

One of the risks we can encounter is social engineering, a malicious activity designed to trick people online into giving away sensitive information such as passwords. There are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself such as cybersecurity training and implementing policies internally.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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