Today’s episode is all about self-serve ads. I’m joined by Lisen Zethraeus, Chief Marketing Officer at DanAds, who has a wealth of experience with brands including Mars Inc, M&Ms, Snickers, Orbit, Whiskers, and Pedigree. All of these brands have huge marketing budgets and many levels of approval when running campaigns. 

Lisen was curious about brands at the other end of the spectrum that don’t have large budgets. That’s what lead her to DanAds. DanAds is on a mission to democratise ad buying for SMEs all over the world through building self-serve advertising platforms.

Self-serve ads are a great way for smaller businesses to advertise as anyone is able to use them and you don’t need assistance from a sales representative. Your options when you don’t have the biggest budget are normally Facebook or Google. It’s very easy to spend your budget quickly on these platforms especially when you don’t know all the settings. You need to invest a little time to understand them. Paying an expert who understands these platforms will eat into your budget.

DanAds Self-Serve Ads Platform

We go on to discuss the DanAds platform that enables you to set up self-serve ads on a variety of big publishers that might be more suitable for your business. One of the main advantages of advertising through a publisher is the ability to reach target audiences that are more relevant. These publishers will have large daily viewers giving a potentially huge reach.

Understanding your audience and what platforms they use is important for the success of any campaign. By knowing this you will attract the right audience when creating self-serve ads.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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