Today’s episode is all about contact management on steroids. I’m joined by Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble and a renowned pioneer in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) field, serial entrepreneur and marketing and sales expert.

Jon believes the more people you can help to grow, the more you grow. It’s one of the reasons he pioneered contact management and CRM with GoldMine in the ’90s, a company he sold for $125 million.  He re-entered the workforce in 2010 and then launched the first social CRM, Nimble. Jon’s core values are building products that help others achieve their passion, plan, and purpose. It’s what drives his success.

We go on to discuss how should we be using a CRM to really understand the benefits of a relationship with a customer or supplier. “You need to think about the contacts that you already have as your gold, and the more investment you make in those contacts, the more gold you get out of the mine.” A good way to start would be to organise your existing contacts, prioritise them and then begin to nurture and engage with them. This doesn’t have to be all via email. People tend to get higher engagement on social media. 

How can we improve contact management?

We should all have our own personal contact management solution, in addition to our networks and our brands. Most people don’t really do a good job of nurturing their brand or their network. Unifying your contacts into a singular place enables you to engage them on a regular basis and to manage your contacts more effectively. This will help you form better relationships and connections.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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