Today’s episode is all about employee advocacy on LinkedIn and more with Jonathan Baldock. Jonathan works in an advisory role for SocialHP. In his previous role, 9 years at LinkedIn, he served customers like Accenture, JPMorgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, PespsiCo, Hershey’s and IBM. He is highly skilled in sharing best practices and an expert in social media recruitment, sales and marketing strategies.

How can we encourage employee advocacy?

We speak about encouraging employee engagement on social media as this can be very powerful. It can be a challenge to get employees to “buy-in” and actually share your content. You will need to explain the reasons why their support will benefit the company and also themselves. Sharing will help the company by increasing reach, creating new leads and more sales opportunities. For the employees, it will raise their professional profile and by sharing thought leadership, industry news, and company content, you can become an expert within your network.

We then go on to speak about LinkedIn’s owned, earned and paid audiences and the difference between each one. Owned audience is your channel (company or personal) and organic reach. You will not have to pay for these as it’s part of your ecosystem. Earned is the most valuable audience. If you earn it, you didn’t have to pay for it. This is your network and the networks of employees. The employees are connected to your customers and prospects. They’re the assets of the company. Paid is when you put ads in front of specific people getting them to take a specific action for a chosen duration of time. The platform will give you information on the size of the audience and how much it’s going to cost you.

When posting content, we need to be adding value. It’s about keeping the conversation going with the people that matter most. This is called evergreen marketing, or an evergreen channel, which is always on, that’s why it’s evergreen. Posting and sharing content that is of value from your company will appeal more to your audience because employees content is twice as trusted as the brand. This will be shared with their network and more importantly, people they know and trust.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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