This weeks episode is all about the power of podcasting. I’m joined by David Pérez, a podcast producer and the host of the Audience Coach Podcast. His podcast helps coaches and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry create audiences for their businesses. David also works with health and wellness coaches so they can spread messages of improvement, positivity and growth through podcasting. David and his team have accompanied podcasters through the production and release of over a thousand episodes.

Do you know the power of podcasting?

Everyone has a community online. Creating a podcast is a great way to develop and build this community and also find more of your ideal clients. A lot of people start podcasts for the wrong reasons as they’re thinking about the revenue side. A podcast is meant for relationships, it’s a long term strategy. It’s an opportunity to meet and connect with people and businesses that you normally wouldn’t have worked with. Another eye-opening feature of podcasts is that you get to have conversations with specialists and discover new perspectives about topics that you wouldn’t normally.

We then go on to speak about the key things to keep in mind when starting your podcast. One of the most important being the need to define your audience. The better you get to understand your target audience, the more value you can offer them.

You don’t have to be constantly thinking of new ideas for your podcast. There are a few ways you can find this content that people online are specifically looking for. Many people forget about this. Creating content that the audience needs and that solves their problems is very valuable as you know you’ve got an audience for it. The same questions that keep being asked are the same problems that more people are facing.

How do we find these questions? By scanning the comments section of social media, YouTube and similar platforms, you can gauge what people online are looking for. From looking at this you can extract the common issues and base your ideas on these suggestions and questions. Another resource for your content is answering the questions that your clients and customers have around your business.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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