This week’s episode is all about telling stories through video. I’m joined by Dan Bennett the Founder of 1 Minute Media, a company that empowers individuals to tell their stories with great video through coursework and private membership. He is also a digital media freelancer who offers direct consultation for companies, as well as having decades of experience in video production, video editing, motion graphics, sound design, graphic design and digital content development.

Are you telling stories through video?

Having a story in your video is crucial. The story is the most important part and the video is the vehicle that takes that story where it’s going. This is so important because from storytelling you will gain trust from your audience and have that human connection and relatability.

We speak about how you can use your smartphone and some inexpensive equipment to transform the way we capture video and take the quality to another level. You want to ensure that your video is steady, as this portrays professionalism, and you can do this by getting a cheap and very effective GorillaPod.

The next piece of equipment is equally as important and will really help to elevate you above everyone else’s content who don’t know about it. A directional mic that plugs straight into your smartphone will give you crisp clear audio so your viewers will be able to hear exactly what you’re saying.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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