This week’s episode is all about branding for businesses. I’m joined by Nadim Sadek, CEO of ProQuo AI, a business that is revolutionising brand management by offering real-time AI-powered guidance that arms brand managers with the tools they need to optimise campaigns and make decisions in real-time.

Everyone has a brand. This is what sets you aside from the crowd. You want to identify who your target audience is and make sure your values align with them. There will be a promise and a need to maintain this commitment, which is known as proof. By demonstrating empathy to your customer base, you are more likely to get traction.

Branding for businesses with the ProQuo AI tool

We go on to speak about how we can use AI to help us achieve our business goals. The ProQuo AI tool, which was created using hard tech, is a piece of software that allows brand marketers to have a much greater certainty of growth. Through analysis and action AI the ProQuo tool will give you solutions depending on your situation.

The tool uses 14 marketing levers that have an influence on your growth. There are so many different combinations that we as humans have no chance of logically working out the best one. Luckily for us, the ProQuo action plans always come with one that is most recommend and alternative options in case it’s not actionable right away.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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