This week’s episode is all about growing a community. I’m joined by Genecia Alluora, Founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 Leading Female Entrepreneur Network in South East Asia Connecting 200,000 Women Across The Region.

Growing a community is an essential part of any business today. Whether you’re big or small, online or on the high street, your community are an integral part of your business. They’re the ones that buy from you regular, that rave about you online and that support your business when you need it the most.

What does it take to grow a community?

Well, that’s where Genecia’s experience really shines. Starting by working with the people you know, the people around you, and continuing to consistently show up. The expression “if you build it, they will come” should probably be updated for the digital marketing world to something like; “if you consistently build it, they will come”.

We talk about the wealth of different experiences Genecia has had in the past, that all led her to be able to do what she does now. How she wants to empower women to come back to the workplace on their terms, to make sure they’re living their best life.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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