This week’s episode is all about email marketing. I’m joined by Vira Sadlak, Account Manager at Flowium and Alissa Taggart, Client Services Director at Flowium.

Flowium is a Full-Service eCommerce Email Marketing Agency built to grow online retail revenue and connect clients to their customers. They are also the hosts of the Email Einstein podcast.

Email marketing isn’t dead!

Email marketing isn’t dead. Used effectively, it can be a huge tool that can drive revenue for your business. This is because it is your audience, of people who signed up because they wanted to hear more. Therefore you have direct communication and engagement with your email subscribers.

By using email marketing, you are able to get detailed, relevant information about your customers and then apply it to your strategy in a very substantial and impactful way. You are able to see the behaviour of your customers directly. From how they visit your website, to what they interact with, to which forms they’ve used, in order to give you more information.

In this episode, we go on to speak about the real key basics that SMEs should be doing in order to get that process started and start collecting email addresses. We talk about how businesses can use email marketing effectively. Some great ways to do this are having an opt-in form at the very bottom of your website, a pop up on that website offering value to the visitor for in exchange for their email and last, but not least, post-purchase.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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