This week’s episode is all about how to market e-commerce. I’m joined by Chloë Thomas, Author and host of both the Award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast and Keep Optimising Podcast. Having been in e-commerce since 2003, Chloë’s speciality is solving e-commerce Marketing Problems.

Stating an e-commerce business has never been easier than it is today. There are multiple systems (Squarespace, Shopify & Wix) that allow you to set up an e-commerce shop in a short period of time. But it’s still not as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of things you need to consider in the early stages.

You shouldn’t start an e-commerce business for the sake of it. In order to be successful, you have to start up because you have an amazing product idea, are identifying a problem you want to solve, or have a customer group that you will serve. It will be incredibly hard to start if you don’t fall into one of these categories.

How to Market E-Commerce Brands?

We go on to speak about the importance of having an initial research stage, as this will help you design your product and brand. Feedback is so important. You need to be getting your product or service informant of people and asking questions such as, would you buy it, their thoughts and cost. These opinions will help when it comes to marketing your brand as you will have a clear strategy.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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