In today’s episode, Chris is joined by Lachlan Kirkwood, someone who really understands personal branding. When it comes to the digital stage, we’re all putting ourselves out there on display and how we come across and who we target are important factors in helping to build a community around us.

Lachlan is based in Australia, his accent gives it away, and he’s spent the last few years working for agencies and clients, focusing on paid performance for campaigns. During that time, he started sharing his learnings and case studies in detail on his website. The content that started as just for him to keep a record of his career, ended up providing huge value to a lot of others.

From there, Lachlan’s personal brand and community grew. Today, he’s a freelancer, and his community and reputation, thanks to his personal brand, allows him to work with people through his network and thanks to his reputation.

One of the biggest takeaways from this episode was this. By giving value, and not expecting anything in return, you’ll invariably start to attract people to your personal brand.

Thanks for listening.

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