We all know how important communication is. Over the past 2 months, it became even more pertinent. We noticed how many companies have kept our email address on file, and wanted to let us know how they were dealing with a global pandemic. In this episode, we’re talking all about communication OVER sales. 

Too many people use social media as a bullhorn, they shout at their audience, trying desperately to generate revenue. Instead, why not focus on an approach intended on communicating with prospects and your audience. Having conversations to strengthen the relationships within your community. 

Chris Bruno started Social INK in 2008, and for more than a decade has been helping brands to start conversations, build communities and as a result, drive conversions. 

I hope you all stay safe and stay home.


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This week’s episode is all about communication over sales. Are you “hard-selling” all the time online, or are you building a community through conversations? Join @justchrisbruno to find out more – Enjoy!

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