Today’s episode is all about experimenting, by sharing Social INK‘s most recent experiment itself. The Social INK Showis a “raw” long-format conversation between our host Chris Bruno and commercial director, James O’Donnell. 

We both love to experiment and challenge ourselves. As part of that on-going process, we created The Social INK Show to be able to record a long-form piece of content and then use that content over the course of a month. 

So far it’s become an episode of this podcast, it’s helped us write 5 blogs, we’ve cut 6 short videos from it, and we’ve still got more plans to come. In a future episode, I’ll detail how were trying to use this one piece of content to fuel multiple others to help give you ideas of how you can do the same. 

If you want to connect with Social INK or Chris and James, you can find direct links to social media below: 

James O’Donnell on Twitter
Chris Bruno on LinkedIn 
The Social INK Show Episode 1 on YouTube

I hope you all stay safe.


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Get Social About It

Today’s episode is all about 3 tools we use every day to help us maximise our #contentcreation and save time, with host @justchrisbruno – Enjoy!

Stuff We Mentioned

02:07 – The Random Show 
04:03 – Kobayashi – The Usual Suspects – Spoiler Alert
09:00 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge on and 
24:30 – The All About Digital Marketing Podcast 
25:55 – Going Live Every Day for 30 days 
28:45 – Dan Kelsall on LinkedIn 
31:36 – James O’Donnell on YouTube 
32:03 – JOD’s Dad on YouTube 
33:23 – JOD’s most popular video
35:00 – Chris’s most popular video

You can find all our videos over on the Social INK YouTube Channel.

Music by Hani Koi from Fugue