Today’s episode is all about content marketing for small businesses. Content drives your marketing channels forward. You may not realise just how important it can be, but everything from your website, social channels and email newsletters all rely on great content.

We’re joined by Jessica Thiefels. She’s a marketer and a coach, helping owners create great content for small businesses. Spending her days helping brands to really craft messages that help them to reach a bigger, and better, audience.

We often think of content as just our blog, or just our social media channels. Everything you’re creating is content. But how can you be smart about creating content? Well, understanding the benefits of organic content and SEO is a great place to begin.

Understanding your audience, creating content that solves their problem, is a great way to start developing content marketing for small businesses. Jessica digs into what it takes to make your content stand out, and most importantly, how it can really help develop your brand online.

No matter what stage of your journey your on, Jessica’s advice is sure to help you.

I hope you all stay safe.


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