Today’s episode is all about Facebook advertising for small businesses. We all know what a behemoth platform Facebook is today. It boasts some 1.5 billion daily active users. That’s insane. If you can’t find 50 clients in and amongst all that, then there’s no hope left.

Bob Regnerus has spent years working with business and brands to help them maximise the impact of their Facebook advertising. What are some of the easiest “wins” for businesses? Bob says to start with lookalike audiences. People who are similar to your existing customers.

Facebooks algorithms, AI and Machine learning can do all kinds of wizardry and taking advantage of that for your brand is a huge opportunity.

Then there’s the Facebook Pixel, which will allow you to retarget website visitors. People who have already taken an interest in your brand, no matter how small it may have been.

There’s plenty more we talk about, so jump in to the episode and take advantage of Bob’s experience and knowledge.

I hope you all stay safe.


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