Today’s episode is all about cold traffic and lead generation. Yep, that’s right, good old fashioned sales, but in the digital and online world. No doubt you’ve wanted to be able to run ads that simply start to generate leads for your business? We all have, right?

That’s where it gets really interesting. Rory Stern, Founder of RFS Digital Media has spent the better part of 20 years understanding the psychology behind human behaviour, specifically when it comes to cold traffic and lead generation.

Understanding the difference between cold, warm and hot leads is a great starting point. And for each business, knowing and understanding your target audience is going to be crucial.

Whether you’ve already started or are thinking of spending money on ads online, you’ll want to hear what Rory has to say about cold traffic and lead generation. You’re bound to learn something that will help you save some money and convert more potential clients.

I hope you all stay safe.


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Today’s episode is all about #coldtraffic and #leadgeneration.

Host @justchrisbruno is joined by Rory Stearn from @rfsdigitalmedia as we dig into lead generation.

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