How can people find new podcasts? What’s the “secret” to building traction? Is it harder to go from 0 to 100, or 1 million to 1 billion users? I chatted to Pod Hunt creator Mubashar Iqbal about his serial side projects, business today vs 10-20 years ago, and what it’s like to do work you truly love. 

Based in New York, Mubs works full-time for an agency and loves his job. And yet, he has built several dozen side projects and continues to do so. For the love of the work itself. We spoke about podcasting, how the marketing and content landscape has changed, why social media saves businesses literally THOUSANDS in market research and months of wasted time, and more.

Have a listen to discover the difference between outward success, and internal success. Not every business has to be (or wants to be) at FANG level. [Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, or Google]

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Show Notes

  • The difference between Pod Hunt and Reddit in terms of approach [03:47]
  • Why Mubs is a serial side-hustler [12:45]
  • Stats behind Pod Hunt just 10 weeks after going live [19:11]
  • How to find podcasts that aren’t just the same 100 celebrities you see on every list [23:25]
  • Why social media can save a business $50,000 compared to 10-20 years ago [29:30]
  • Outward success doesn’t = happiness, whether in personal life or in business [37:01]

Stuff We Mentioned


Music by Hani Koi from Fugue