Social networks used to be all about, well, social networking. Now, it’s all about social “media”. Social media has kind of taken the focus away from the connection side of things. And yet, being social on social media is exactly why it’s the biggest opportunity for small businesses to grow. 

You don’t need to spend money to start having conversations or to engage in conversations on social media. That’s free. The only thing it takes is time, effort and a little bit of a strategy to know what it is that you’re actually going for. 

Today, I’m talking all about putting social back into social media, as a small business, so you can get results online.

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Show Notes

  • Social networking vs social media [01:31]
  • Why being social is such a huge opportunity [02:29]
  • How to actually be “social” as a business [04:23]
  • What happens if you’re NOT social [06:20]
“Everything you’re doing on social media should be about having conversations.” Put the social back into social media to get results. #DigitalMarketing @AllAboutDigMar @justchrisbruno


Music by Hani Koi from Fugue