There’s no such thing as perfection in marketing, but you CAN get ahead by avoiding these common social media marketing mistakes.

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the most common mistakes that we’ve seen businesses make over the last 11 years. We have spoken and worked with, hundreds – maybe even thousands – of companies. Big, small, global, local, and in pretty much every industry you can imagine. From e-cigarettes, CBD businesses, blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, finance, retail, e-commerce, training, coaching businesses.

But there’s been a few mistakes that we see businesses make. And we see them make them repeatedly and they’ve become, for us, the common mistakes, as it were.

Hope you enjoy the episode.

Show Notes

  • Why “I spent x and I received y back” misses the point [01:44]
  • What social media offers businesses beyond sales [03:02]
  • What drives most excuses [04:06]
  • Why you need to tackle marketing like an athlete [05:15]
  • A free resource to tackle common mistakes [07:18]
  • DON’T PANIC. You’re not alone [09:15]

Stuff We Mentioned


Music by Hani Koi from Fugue