In episode 3, I’m (Chris) back with the team from Social INK and we’re talking all about strategic social media marketing. You see, way too many businesses we meet, we speak to, are just, doing social media. But they don’t know why and they don’t know what for. 

If you don’t start with a strategy, with specific goals and a way to achieve those goals, how can you ever complete them? 

A strategy should form the foundation for everything that you’re doing on social media, and in fact, with all your digital/content marketing efforts. Creating content with a purpose, creating content with a goal in mind, and of course, tracking to see your progress. 

If you’re one of those businesses that are just posting for the sake of it, it’s time you listen to why it’s time to get a strategy in place. 

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Thanks for listening! 

Show Notes

  • Why you don’t know what works on social media [00:53]
  • Do you have a goal? “Being active” isn’t a goal [03:19]
  • Why you need to be PROactive, not reactive [05:10]
  • What happens if you don’t have a strategy [08:00]
  • Stop focusing on follower count [08:32]
  • A real audience always wins over vanity metrics [10:37]
  • Want more? Watch the Social Media Strategy Webinar.
Be proactive. Not reactive. Listen to Ep.3 of @AllAboutDigMar to avoid #SocialMedia mistakes most small businesses make.

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