Do you build relationships and community online, or are you shouting into a void with no results? We all need to find more ways to engage in and start conversations online. It’s how we build relationships. It’s how we build trust. And ultimately, it’s how I believe more leads and more sales are created. Let’s face it, it’s all about making more money and increasing revenue. But there are multiple ways to skin a cat.

Social media represents an opportunity to have two-way conversations, to engage in conversations, to better understand your existing customers, your prospects, or even the target audience that you think is right for you and to find out what that actually looks like.

In this episode, I’m talking more about the attention war – something we’re all feeling more than ever as the year comes to a close. Everywhere you look there are more sales, urgent advertisements, work deadlines, family pressures, and a new decade on our doorstep.

So how does a business cut through the noise? By being social.

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How can a business cut through the noise? By being social. #smallbiz @justchrisbruno on @AllAboutDigMar:

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