Hey everybody, I’m Chris, CEO at Social INK and in Episode 6, I’ve taken over the podcast, all by myself. You see, since founding Social INK in 2008, I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had with potential clients and leads over new websites. 

Worse than that though, I’ve also lost count of the number of conversations that end up with the potential client telling me that they have a nephew, or a friend’s daughter, that’s pretty nifty with websites and has agreed to do it for £300. 

A professional website design costs a lot more than £300, and it costs more for a good reason. It’s better! 

Here are some quick thoughts and insight into why you need a professional website design, and most importantly, why cheap is expensive, and expensive is cheap. 

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Show Notes

  • Your website needs a clear purpose [00:37]
  • Cheap means sacrificing quality [01:55]
  • Why quality is cheaper in the long run [03:29]
  • Even if you “can” do it, you need to focus on your strengths [05:05]
  • It all comes back to your business goals [06:35]
  • Cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap [08:20]
“Cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap.” @justchrisbruno talks about how professional web design helps business. @AllAboutDigMar #SmallBiz https://allaboutdigitalmarketing.co.uk/why-professional-website-design

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