Today’s episode is all about People First Digital Marketing with Mike Krass. Mike is the CEO of MKG Marketing, a digital marketing agency that gets tech and healthcare brands found online through transparent, measurable digital marketing.

Over the last ten years, Mike has grown MKG Marketing into a 7 figure business not only by specialising in data and analytics but by embracing a “people first” philosophy that promotes a strong work-life balance while systematically holding employees as well as clients accountable.

The Healthcare industry is highly regulated and this includes communications. There is a lot you can not say. When it comes to Life Science and Pharmaceutical marketing you have to be very careful. The general rule of thumb is that you can talk about yourself but making comparisons is a real issue. This can get you in trouble with the regulators or even worse, a federal organisation.

People First Digital Marketing

There’s often a misconception that you need someone to do marketing and to make sure that you’re posting on social media. Many small business owners fall into this trap. We go on to speak about small businesses choosing between hiring somebody in-house as the first and only marketing employee or choosing an agency that is suited to your requirements.

We also discuss some of the benefits and challenges of both approaches. When it comes to hiring there are other costs in addition to the salary, experience and demands on the individual that need to be understood. When going with an agency, you won’t have the response time compared to that of in-house. Don’t get caught up in the need of having the perfect system. You just need a system that works for you.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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