Today’s episode is all about the concept of “2 weeks ahead is good for your head”. We never want to be rushing around and desperately trying to create content. This is a big No. When content is done quickly at the last minute, it usually has mistakes or other issues. It won’t be thought out properly and is not actually going to take us towards our objectives.

Think about the effect on you, your brand, and most importantly, your audience.

Another issue is when you go on to a business’s social media page and try to find information and notice that they haven’t posted for a month or more. This creates confusion, especially now with everything that’s happened over the last year with a lot of businesses, unfortunately, having closed. It doesn’t look good for the business.

To make sure that we’re never on the back-foot we like to plan to be 2 weeks ahead. That’s going to help your brand get recognised. When people see your content they will form links to your business and know what you’re about. That is the key.

“2 Weeks Ahead is Good for Your Head”

That’s why we should be posting consistently. By planning and always being two weeks ahead, you take away the pressure for you and the chance that your audience will forget who you are.

Having that baseline content and adding on top of that is going to be far more powerful than having no content planned and trying to add things on the day. How planned is your content? Let us know.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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