This week’s episode is all about taking sales online. I’m joined by Bill Murphy, Founder and CEO of Solar Cheat Code and Cheat Code For Sales Pros, a consulting marketing firm that helps salespeople create sales opportunities using online marketing to build their personal brands.

The power of social media for sales online.

With everything being moved online there are new ways to sell your products. Through the powers of social media, you can impose your will on an existing marketplace and reach different people at different times.

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with your community instead of purely optimising for conversions. You need to be building relationships. We go on to speak about looking at marketing as a three-piece funnel where at the top of the funnel, you have your awareness, the middle you have credibility and finally, at the bottom, you have the call to action.

Creating content helps massively to build awareness for the top of the funnel. Think about what your customer is interested in. How does your product help them achieve their desired outcomes? An easy way to think about this would be to base your content on a list of all the features and how they ultimately benefit the customer. We want to create authentic content that resonates with our target market. Testimonials, case studies and before and afters will help you to build credibility.

I hope you all stay safe. Enjoy the episode!

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