In Episode 5, Gareth, Head of Content at Social INK, talks about creativity and especially One Minute Briefs. If you haven’t heard of OMB before, it’s a simple premise. Creatives from around the world get together on a daily basis to create a concept ad for a brief in just 60 seconds.

Here at Social INK, we’ve been involved in OMB now since March and in that time, we’ve had a few successful wins, including for KFC for the #ILoveYouBaconBurger brief, something we’re all really proud of. 

You see the creative part of your brain is like any other muscle in your body. To get stronger and faster, it needs to be trained, it needs regular workouts. 

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Head of Content at @socialink_co, @alvo_muses, talks about @OneMinuteBriefs and #creativity. @AllAboutDigMar Listen here:

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