Hey everybody. Chris here, and today we have a special guest, Matt Johnson, who is ALL ABOUT podcasts. 

Matt runs an agency, Pursuing Results which is focused on providing turn-key podcast productions services and PR. Suffice to say he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to podcasting.

As we continue to create new episodes for the All About Digital Marketing podcast, I’m happy to say, I’ve taken away loads from our conversation and I’m sure you will too.

Whether you’ve already started a podcast, or you’re thinking of starting one, you’ll find this interview really helpful. 

Remember, you can check out the show notes and find all the links mentioned in the episode on christopherb121.sg-host.com



Show Notes

  • How Matt got involved in Podcasting [03:16]
  • Podcasting is the new form or Networking [05:09]
  • How does Podcasting fit into your digital marketing [07:47]
  • Why you should hire 1 person and create a content machine [08:54]
  • Repurposing content and what Tim Ferris did [13:39]
  • Creating a podcast to build relationships [16:43]
  • What stops people from starting a podcast [24:19]
  • Why can’t you be in 2 or more niches [35.53]

Stuff We Mentioned

Music by Hani Koi from Fugue