We’re back with our 7th Episode of All About Digital Marketing, and today marks a big occasion, our first guest on the podcast. We’re talking with Konstantinos Ntoukakis from Studio For Digital Growth about why SEO is important for your business online and how you can make the most of it. 

Konstantinos has worked with the Social INK team over the last few months to help us create a complete strategy for our SEO internally. We enjoy working with him and we love the results we’ve seen already in just the first few months. 

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PS: Apologies if the sound is a little low on this, my bad (Chris), brand new microphone setup, and even though it all sounded good on the monitor levels, turns out the recording was a little quiet. Don’t worry though, we’ve fixed it for the next one.  

Connect with Konstantinos on LinkedIn.

Show Notes

  • What is SEO? [00:37]
  • A quick history of search engine optimisation [03:15]
  • Why SEO & content go hand-in-hand [05:54]
  • How to get backlinks [08:43]
  • How long it takes for SEO to get results [12:35]
  • The difference in SEO for local businesses vs international brands [15:31]
  • 3 top tips to businesses just starting out with SEO [17:27]
  • The perks of remote working [20:27]
  • Konstantinos’ biggest tip for businesses [21:33]
Here’s why #SEO does matter, and how you can make the most of it as a small business, feat. @kntoukakis & @justchrisbruno on the @AllAboutDigMar podcast. #SearchMarketing https://allaboutdigitalmarketing.co.uk/SEO-for-small-business

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