In this episode, I’m talking with Nick Entwistle, Founder and CEO of Bank of Creativity and the amazing One Minute Briefs creative community (with more than 20k followers) on Twitter. 

We’re exploring social media and how brands create content that’s right for their audience, and most importantly, content that starts conversations with their audience. Going through some of our favourite brands, like Innocent or KFC UK, it’s all about being personable and having fun. 

Most people set out to become, or their brand to become, social media famous. The reality is, it just doesn’t happen that way. Listen to how Nick built OMB to more than 20k followers, and how he is now connected to a global audience that gets involved every day. 

Whilst we’re on the subject of social media, you’ll also hear us talking about not forgetting to be social and the honest truth, “no one cares about you [your brand] online”. 

Hope you enjoy the episode. 


Show Notes

  • What One Minute Briefs is and how it started [03:21]
  • How social media turned an idea into a global community and in-person meetups [05:33]
  • How to know when an idea is worthwhile [13:45]
  • Why your brand isn’t about “you” all the time [18:10]
  • It’s not just OK to pick and choose channels, it’s NECESSARY to pick and choose [23:17]
  • Why the most effective “metrics” are untrackable [29:38]
  • You can’t expect a community to create user-generated content [36:23]
  • No one cares about your brand [38:49]
  • If you focus on the immediate gain, you lose out on the bigger picture [41:38]
  • Because no one cares, here’s what to do about it [48:58]

Stuff We Mentioned

  • One Minute Briefs
  • Bank of Creativity
  • BOC Meet Ups
  • Innocent
  • KFC UK
  • Nick’s LinkedIn

Music by Hani Koi from Fugue