It’s a war out there – a war for attention. In this episode, Chris Bruno dives into the attention war and what it means in practice for businesses and their digital marketing. 

So what is the attention war? We all talk about content. We all talk about blogging. And we all know that these things form integral parts of everything that we do online. The problem is everybody else knows that. Everybody else feels the same way. So what’s actually happening?

Chris digs into what it means, what businesses can do, and why busy marketing channels like social media are still a bigger opportunity than ever. It’s all in the right approach.

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Show Notes

  • Why there’s an attention war [01:11]
  • What Chris means by “attention war” [02:28]
  • Channels change, principles don’t [03:36]
  • Data is the new oil, and attention is diamonds [05:47]
  • The reality (and mindboggling stats) behind the battle for attention [08:38]
  • Why the key is to focus on the right people and hone in on your audience [09:40]

Stuff We Mentioned


Music by Hani Koi from Fugue